ramborgerMariano E. Ramborger completed his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Psychology of the UBA and graduated with a degree in Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, University of Buenos Aires, 2014. He obtained a diploma of honor.

In 2016 he acquired a doctoral grant awarded by the UBA to develop his studies under the direction of Dr. MA Zorrilla Zubilete of the Institute of Pharmacological and Botanical Studies (CEFyBO) CONICET-UBA. Due to his unfortunate death he joined the group of Dra Gabriela B. Acosta in the ININFA.

Since October 2016, he has worked at the LABORATORY OF GLUTAMATE TRANSPORTER NEUROBIOLOGY of the Pharmacological Research Institute (ININFA) -CONICET-UBA, developing his PhD thesis. He has been admitted to the doctorate of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences on 3/27/2017. His subject of study: Influence of prenatal stress on offspring. Study of the mediators that regulate neuronal plasticity, the neuroimmune system and behavior.


Phone: +5411 5287-4524

Mail: marianoramborger@gmail.com