Veronica Bisagno was born in Buenos Aires in 1970. She graduated from the School of Psychology at University of Buenos Aires with a Bachelor degree.  Then she obtained a Master degree from  Universidad Internacional de Andalucía in 1998. Later on, she graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 2000 with a PhD in Pharmacology.

She did two postdoctoral stays at  Hunter College of CUNY, Department of Psychology (2001- 2003) and in the Instituto de Neurociencia de Alicante (2004-2005). She was a and adjunct professor at Hunter College of CUNY and served as a teaching assistant at the School of Psychology, University of Buenos Aires.

She is currently an independent researcher at CONICET and is the Principal Investigator at the LABORATORY OF STIMULANT DRUGS NEUROBIOLOGY, ININFA.

In her free time, she likes to study Chinese, read good books and enjoy time with family and friends.


Phone: +5411 5287-4524